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Swimming Pools

Customized Designer Swimming Pools

Products and Services

swimming pool

Designer Swimming Pools

H2O Swimming Pools Specializes in Designer Swimming Pools to accommodate our client specifications and needs.
All Swimming Pools come with a standard 5 Year Warranty on workmanship.
We use only the highest grade of SABS approved materials. 

pool repair

Pool repairs and remodeling

We can assist our clients with pool repairs, pool remodeling, re-sizing, leak detection, Re-Marbelite & Fiberglass to name just a few.

pool cleaning

Pool Cleaning

Chemical Levels in any pool can be frustrating, and most of the time it's not the chemical levels in the Pool that affects the clarity of water. That's where our Specialist comes in to check all aspects of a Swimming Pool. Once a proper assessment is made we can provide the client with an accurate quotation to not just clean the swimming pool but to keep it clean all year round

koi pond

Koi Ponds

A Koi Pond can lighten up any landscape. H2O Swimming Pools has years of experience in constructing customized Koi Ponds, and know how to provide the correct filters, pumps etc.

pool heating

Pool Heating

There are various ways to heat your Swimming Pool. We specialize in providing our clients with the correct heating systems that fits their needs, and their budget.

water feature

Water Features

As an add-on or integrated feature, we can provide hundreds of different water feature designs to accommodate your Swimming Pool theme.



We have numerous of different Jacuzzi sizes and shapes. We can also build a customized Jacuzzi. We also provide Jacuzzi pumps, filters, enclosures, blowers, heaters and covers.

spa pool

Spa Pools

A Spa Pool is a combination of a Jacuzzi and a Swimming Pool. Its main feature is to create more of a relaxed environment. H2O Swimming Pools can build any custom designed Spa Pool in accordance to our client’s needs and requirements.


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